Collection: Body Scrubs

Deep Cleansing and Exfoliation: 

Our Foaming sugar scrubs offer a dual function by combining the cleansing properties of our foaming soap with the exfoliating benefits of sugar. As the scrub lathers into a rich foam, it penetrates deep into the pores, dislodging dirt, grime, and residue. TWith regular use, our foaming body scrub unveils a fresher, more youthful appearance, while promoting healthy cell turnover. The result is a refreshed and purified complexion that feels rejuvenated and balanced.

• Exfoliating lather 

• Certified Vegan, paraben and sulfate-free

Scoup a generous amount of our foaming sugar scrub into your
hands and massage all over in gentle circular motions to smooth and
Enjoy the creamy lather and pleasent aromas available in several scent
Now rinse to reveal beautifully refined, silky-feeling skin.
Use every time you step into the shower – or whenever uneven skin
needs a polish.